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dplain – Our solution for the industry

dplain is our generic shop software designed specifically for the industry. With dplain you get a platform with which you lay the foundation for a fully networked and efficient company: After just 60 days, you can distribute your products digitally in your individualized portal. Numerous features allow flexible adaptation of the software to products, customers and branding of your company. After an extensive consultation with our digital architects, we are entering the development phase of 60 days. During this period, all product and customer data as well as drawings and media will be integrated into the platform. In the second step, the frontend is adapted to the branding. Special care is taken to make the transition from your existing website to the store smooth, so that customers can easily find their way around the new environment. After these steps, the platform is available to you for free use.

Aftersales & Spare Parts

dplain is ideally suited for close customer retention in the aftersales business. Who buys machines, usually also requires spare parts and accessories. Due to the software-based registration, customers have a personal customer profile. The purchased machines are displayed in a personal account, so that a customer can buy the necessary spare parts with just a few clicks. This way even sensitive data or individual orders can be made digitally accessible without being publicly accessible. Our hotspot feature enables the assignment of product pages to points on a machine drawing. Our portal also makes it possible to link sensors in the customer’s machines. This allows machine status and required spare parts to be automatically recorded and displayed. Let the machines tell the customers themselves when they need which spare parts and thus provide a convenient all-round service for your aftersales business, which benefits you and your customers.

Raw materials

When selling raw materials, there is a main feature to note: The fluctuating prices in the market. While one material only changes in price every three months, another changes the market price every hour. What used to be done with an endless circle from phone to email to fax can easily be automated with dplain. We connect with your platform to the source and display the current prices automatically in your shop. Customers can then submit a price request, which can be found next to the normal shopping cart in an additional request shopping cart. There, in an attractive chat, questions, pictures, blueprints and many more things can be discussed with your support staff. With just one click, the offer can be answered, made a counter offer, set an expiration period or a direct purchase made, which is then automatically in the shopping cart and generates an invoice. This method saves the employees and, above all, the customers a lot of time, which can be invested in other work steps.

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M2M Commerce

Your Allroundportal

They have already entered the digital market fully operational with dplain. The next step is to use our Digital Business Enabler to expand the platform into a digitized portal that centralizes all data, from the smallest sensor through VR images to individual customer orders on the other side of the globe. Benefit from the automation and clarity of the complete digitization. We consistently develop along the used case. Our solutions are subject to a comprehensive logic analysis to help us prioritize the efficiency and profitability of your portal.

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Industry 4.0 is a modern sector that is experiencing rapid growth and will bear the future. It promises an even more global, more efficient and even simpler functioning of the industry. Take advantage of the possibilities of our solutions by digitizing your customer processes ahead of your competitors and be a pioneer in your industry. An optimized digital platform relieves your company of the obsolete structures of customer processing and gives it an advantage in the marketplace. Your customers and your employees will benefit.

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