A good digital platform needs attention and time. First of all, it needs to be populated with content, after which it has to be constantly updated. We offer the service to relieve you and your employees and to take over this for your platform. It does not matter if it is a dnetwo solution or an external flatframe. We are happy to maintain every kind of platform and content. We do this both once, for example, for a completely new platform, as well as in the long term for a constant update of your data. This is how your customers will find an appealing interface.

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Customers expect information about the products and services of their company. In addition to the basic portal functionality, content is therefore an important component of an e-commerce or service portal. You achieve three positive effects with professional content:

  •     Content strengthens your visitors’ conviction that they specialize in their field of expertise.
  •     Your visitors will be enriched.
  •     They increase the chances that search engines will rate your website better than your competitor.

Finally, you increase your sales with good and informative content

Dnetwo can take over the content editing of your online shop for you. We specialize in working with various platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Hybris, Shopware and many others. Through our years of expertise, we have specialized know-how to make your portal one of the leaders in your industry.

We offer classic content-maintenance, where you leave the content to us, as well as you can trust us to get the content you need. We are at your service at any time with short reaction times and specialized professionals.

In the lap of the dnetwo family, the content management embeds itself in the experience of portal managers, web developers and digital experts and thus has the opportunity for you to achieve the best possible performance through accompanying advice.

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Successful eCommerce requires a lot of things you did not even think about. To make sure that visitors are satisfied with an online shop, you have to pay attention to the content of their website. Visitors will come to your page thanks to the search engines for which the most important thing on a website is the information.