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Your service provider for applied digitalization

As your digitization service provider, our job is to develop efficient IoT and eCommerce platforms. With our innovative solutions, we open the way to our customers for the advanced handling of sales, aftersales, customer service and internal processes. In doing so, we set new standards for the flexibility of implementation and the speed of such solutions and enable a safe and fast introduction to digitization.

Simplify Your Business.

  • Numerous microservices
  • Interactive sparepart catalogue
  • Sensors data
  • Price inquiry

Various and flexible solutions

Above all, with our solutions, we are pursuing one major goal: the development of extensive and long-term profitable platforms. We attach particular importance to the individual analysis of the demands of our customers. Products, Industry, Service Level, Business Model - all these aspects play an important role in the concept that our digital architect designs for you. For SMEs, we also consider scalability to deliver predictable results.

Digitization manifests itself above all in the complete networking of singular processes. Through our extensive APIs, we ensure that our solutions fit smoothly into your existing processes in the IoT and work properly. This is how we lay the foundation for an all-round platform and process optimization at all levels.

Whether B2C or B2B, the expertise of our employees in the e-commerce sector is over 150 years. We are specialists in webshop solutions and offer, in addition to our own product dplain, our service for various third party providers. We create for you an online shop that will delight your customers.

Good service ensures strong customer loyalty and favors both new and existing customers. We offer various solutions for an increased service level. At the same time, we enable you to reduce costs and save time so that your customer service and customer support can not only become better, but also more economical.

For some years now, the 4th industrial revolution is already rolling. With her, we have launched innovative approaches to digitizing aftersales processes, service processes and internal processes. Our in-house platform solution dplain is based on microservices, with which the complex topic of Industry 4.0 can be approached step-by-step. This flexibility makes the application industries of our solution versatile: From mechanical engineering and plant engineering to shipping and trade in industrial metals, it optimally captures the complex requirements of the industry.

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