Your options with our eCommerce solution

Characteristic of the aluminum industry are fluctuations in material prices, orders for exact size and weight, and the need to sell remnants. Our commodity trading solution can accommodate these attributes and meet the requirements.

All in one: Aftersales, Sales & Service

You can combine various processes and combine them in one platform to gain an overview of all your business processes.

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From sales management to service

Your business processes will become clearer, more effective, and simpler for you and your customers through the features of your platform. The resulting higher service levels increase the attractiveness of the entire ordering process and can be a determining factor in making a purchase decision.

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For account management

Not only you, but also your B2B customers need an overview of the employees and their activities in the company. Our eCommerce solution structures employee hierarchies and authorizations for both sides, thus providing optimal management – even for numerous accounts.

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To-Go – your platform always available

Whether in the company, on the bus, or in Australia – your platform is available around the globe and around the clock. The automated processing of customer, ordering and other business processes saves resources at various levels. Integrate our feature with a cost-effective alternative to a customer care representative who takes care of your customers around the clock.


Special Features

Your platform can be expanded at any time with features that further simplify processes, making your digital presence even better.

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