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Easily Integrated in Magento 2.0 and WordPress

The dnetwo .bot has an extension for the shop software Magento and enables the integration in Magento shop systems. It is configured to work seamlessly with shops and payment transactions of version 2.0 and can easily be used in the flow of software. The extension can be downloaded for free via the Magento Shop.

For WordPress there is a plugin of that can be integrated into blogs and websites. This makes it even easier to use and configure the Chatbot Solution. For the installation only the plugin with the name has to be downloaded and activated in the shop and already the configuration of the single chatbots can be started. To download the extension click here 

How our Chatbot can Increase your Sales

By the possibility of individuation of the chatbot integration into your shop can be crucial to keep customers on your side and to entice you to buy. Statistically, only 3% of the eCommerce-Shop visits for purchases.

Only 3% of all webshop calls lead to actual purchases

A strategically deployed .bot can deliver important information to your customers in the right place, such as offers or product information. Finally, our extension helps to increase the 3% probability of buying – and consequently your sales rate. Use the .bot, for example, on the main page of your shop and inform you about payment methods, shipping options or facilitate the product search. Customers often get off in the checkout process, even though they initially had a purchase intention, if this information is not comprehensible or questions are not answered. Set up another chat bot for new customers to make complex product pages more understandable and let you automatically handle more topics through people to .bot communication – not only around the clock and always friendly, but also without spending additional resources.


With our extension you can create your own Chatbot for each request – for example, as information about payment methods on the homepage, information that customers consider necessary before a possible purchase. If such essential information is missing, or is insufficiently presented, this can eventually lead to the termination of the payment process.

With the dnetwo .bot Extension, you can also personally check customer concerns by having the Chatbot create tickets. The advantage of this is that .bot is there for your customers, especially if you do not have time. He receives them where problems arise and offers autonomously personalized assistance. This way, your customers do not have to put up with waiting time because they came from outside their business hours, nor because another customer has priority, because the .bot can serve as many customers as needed at the same time.


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🤖 Automated customer care
🤖 Lower the cost of support
🤖 Attractive feature
🤖 Always high quality

Additional Service for your Customers

The need for digital distribution is increasing rapidly and thus the demand for comprehensive customer service. Statistics forecast an increase in online buyers to 2.14 billion in 2021. That is not only 30% more than last year, but also more than a third of the total humanity. These globally distributed potential customers need customer support: around the clock. The .bot is an easy-to-use and affordable alternative to traditional support. He is a support center, customer advisor and seller at the same time.


The Right One for Every Business

As a digital architect, we attach great importance to efficiency. We would like to advise you on choosing the right chatbot for your company. Therefore, please contact us regarding price inquiries.

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In 2021, more than a third of humanity will shop online

Die Vorteile im Überblick

  • Leichte Installation & Konfiguration
  •      Kreieren Sie diverse Chatbots nach Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen
  •      Flexible Optionen für Upgrades und Features
  •      Benutzerfreundliche Verwaltung im Backend

Full of Benefits

The backend management of the chat bot is easy to handle and blends smoothly into your usual workflow. Furthermore, the has various exclusive benefits. These include:

1. Configuration according to customer groups: Distinction between logged in and not logged in customers. Give different content to different users.

2. Configuration for specific products: This option is especially useful for products such as complex machines or products with fast changing prices to give the customer the right information in the right place and make a purchase likely.

3. Language configuration: your customers do not speak your default language? .bot can be linked to the language-specific settings of your customers and adapted to their language.


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